Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Popcorn Rating:   (5/5)
Kisses Rating:  (3/5)
Pee-Factor: Pee BEFORE going to the cinema! If you're a fan, you probably won't be able to contain the excitement. Not just that - in case you do feel the need to pee, it's a shame to go out at any point in the movie.

A lot of people call it the end of an era. We are the generation who grew up with the most epic book franchise of this century. The seventh book is the final installment of the legendary story of Harry Potter, and Warner Brothers decided to split the 700 page book into two parts for its film adaptation. The second film features the story starting from "The Wandmaker" chapter, after the untimely (yet heroic) death of Dobby the House Elf.

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So welcome to Popcorn, Kisses and Pee.

"Popcorn" is not really always popcorn, sometimes, it's in the form of tortilla chips or french fries, but as MTV popularized the golden popcorn to rival the Oscar, it will be our quotient of how good the film is overall. This will be rated on a 5-point scale:

5 popcorns - a really awesome movie you should go back for
4 popcorns - a great film, above average
3 popcorns - a good film, still worth paying for in the cinema
2 popcorns - just download it if you're bored
1 popcorn - repulsive

"Kisses" is something to delineate us from other film reviewers. It's going to show the "date-ability" of the movie. If it has sweet moments that makes you want to crush your dates hands and if it will make for a better relationship. We will also state if the film is good to watch with your family, your fag friends or you could watch it alone. Rating scale:

5 kisses - perfect date movie, the one that will make you feel lucky to have someone beside you that you love if you went with a partner. If you go alone and with your girl/fagfriends, it's kilig overload that you kinda wish you had someone. In short, films that will be given 5 kisses are probably films with romantic plots or romcoms.
4 kisses - a movie that makes you kiss and cuddle a lot, even in the glowing darkness of a cinema.
3 kisses - a lot of hand-squeezing even if the film is not really romantic because of sweet moments.
2 kisses - a film that leads to making out in the theater... out of boredom
1 kiss - pure bloodshed. If you're a girl, just ask your boyfriend to cover your eyes for you for more contact.

I am weirded out with having "Pee" in the title, but boyfriend insisted because of my hobby of drinking 16 oz Tater's Sugar-Free Green Tea and deciding I need to take a break in the middle of the film. If the film is good, I decide to defer it. But if it's not, it's worth the break. So if a movie has dragging parts, we'll tell you if you could just go out and pee, especially if there's no option to pause (i.e., watching in the cinema).

Of course, we know what it's like to conceal the details, so we'll save it for later. We'll give the conclusions first, substantiation later.

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